I might learn how to sing/play this song… I might also not.  Welp, catch ya later.



you ain’t never had a friend like me

for aleahhhx9 

mckenziemorales (:

smalldancers: What is your favorite OCPAA duet/trio?

"Dance To The Music" from way back in the day, and "Lose My Breath" currently haha.

Thanks for asking :D

literally the only thing on my mind all day “i got a ponytail, i got a ponytail, i got a p p p p p p p p p ponytail” and “i like pigtails, the ponytail on each side”.

why did i decide to gif that video… if only the dp girls weren’t so adorable.

Ask me anything!

I’m bored. Feel free to ask me about dance, dancers, the fandom, dance moms, myself… anything haha.

Have fun!

Anonymous: It's been open for 40 years, but with the current owner it's been 7 years

Oh that makes sense haha I was confused because I’d heard Sophia’s cousin/aunt owns it and I was thinking about how old she must be haha.

Thank you (:

dancershalloffame: Not sure if it counts as SoCal, but SDDC has been open for 40 years.

Oh wow! That’s so long hahaha

Anonymous: what did you think of GNO and Beautiful Revenge (the dance moms group routines)?

I really liked GNO, but I liked the non-Dance Moms version better. Molly’s choreo is on point as per usual haha. I don’t remember Beautiful Revenge sorry :S

Anonymous: someone said dp is 26 years old is that true? is it the oldest studio in socal?

I assume it is haha I wouldn’t have any reason to doubt that information? It’s definitely not the oldest, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you is the oldest studio. OC is quite old, but again I don’t know if it’s THE oldest.