Anonymous: ok, it's official. kaeli has the longest legs in the world! how old is she? she is such a beautiful dancer

Haha I think so too! I don’t know how she turns with those legs…

She competed as age 13 but I’m pretty sure she’s already 14!

I only now realised they changed Jadyn’s hair for “Colours of the Wind” halfway through the season…

is anyone here an accountant because jesus i need help with these balance sheets / journals…

Anonymous: So I was on youtube and one of the recommendations was Shipoopi - The Music Man (1962) and I thought of you. Haha

Oh my god.

I love you hahahaha

Anonymous: OMG I saw a pageant mom posted the link to Makenzie's solo and she was nice about it but one of her friends was talking really bad about her. UGHHHHHH it bothered me so much!!!!!! I didn't comment though because pageant moms tear you apart

That’s horrible. Also I don’t know why PAGEANT moms are saying anything about (in)appropriateness? 

Anonymous: I saw the comments under the video and cried. The first was from a guy who said there was nothing wrong with it and that we should praise her for her talent and ambition. The second was a woman who condemned him and accused him of being "into little girls" for supporting Makenzi. What the hell is wrong with society

I hate articles like that because it ‘exposes’ to the world something that not many people would watch, and it brings back so much negativity from people who otherwise wouldn’t even have seen her solo. It’s horrible ):

Anonymous: That's too bad the aweful things they said about Makenzi! It was a good solo and it looks like she put a great deal of effort into it. Shame on people for bashing her

I agree. And shame on people for even using her an object to question the dance world. It’s rude and unnecessary!

Kaeli’s 1st place routine (not shown on Dance Moms)

and this is the reason why parents don’t like sharing their kids’ videos publicly anymore…

Anonymous: is 100 numbers not a lot?

Not at all!

At HoF Nationals there was almost 100 mini solos alone, and over 1,000 numbers in total!