Anonymous: Not dance related, but I just started school today and I can already see that i am going to have so much work and I'm not naturally good at a lot of the classes I am taking. Do you have any tips for balancing work or study tips? You seem like you would be helpful since you mention school a lot.

What I do is I set daily tasks, so instead of writing down everything I need to do throughout the week, I’ll separate it into daily activities based on whichever needs to be handed in first. If I finish all the ones due in the very next day (or next few days), I’ll move on to more tasks! I’ve never really had a time management issue because I can get work done pretty fast, but that’s just a luck thing really.

The whole making study timetables and setting strict times for certain subjects doesn’t work for me, I cannot focus on something for too long if it doesn’t have a purpose, and I also don’t want to feel pressured to finish something very fast just because my schedule says I have to move onto something else soon.

Also use any small free time you have to do small tasks, so if you have to read a few chapters from a book, do so during your bus journey or right before you go to sleep, or even whilst you’re eating lunch or whatever. That way when you get home the number of things you’ll need to do will be smaller and it will make your life easier by giving you time to do the big things you need to sit down and concentrate on!

This might sound awful, but remember that going for a couple of nights with less sleep than usual will not really harm you, as long as over the weekend (or over the next few days) you make up for it. I personally know I always have a lot of work due in on Friday, which means I’m usually up late on Thursday finishing it all up, and so I tend to only sleep 4-5 hours that night, but I know that the next day I can sleep in a bit later because it’s a Saturday, so although I might feel a bit tired that day, it won’t really do me much harm. Of course don’t do this for extended periods of time, and I also wouldn’t recommend doing this the day before an exam because it does decrease your focus and stuff so it won’t help you.

Something else I do (and I think I’m pretty good at) is prioritising. So if a lecturer says we should read 5 chapters before the next lecture, but I also have to hand in a big piece of coursework on the same day, of course I’m going to prioritise the coursework. If the exam isn’t for another few weeks, those 5 chapters can wait a few days to be read, I might be a bit lost during the lecture but at least I’ll be able to get all my work done. Unfortunately, and this is valid pretty much only in university, that also means sometimes having to skip lectures you think might not be very important and catching up later. I try not to do this often since like 70% of what I learn is directly from a lecture and not from reading up afterwards, but if you’re the type of person who is good at self teaching, I say skip lectures if you’re short on time for another more important project.

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Love love love love love love love. Jayci Kalb. Choreographed by Travis Wall. She’s supposed to be a flower. I love how she “grows” in the beginning, then “dies” at the end. <3


Here’s me step dancing this weekend

we had to interview people for a statistics project and at one point i gave up interviewing people and just wrote down fake answers and we had to put in peoples dates of birth and i didn’t even realise that i’d put in 16/18/1994 as a birthday and that’s how i got 3 points taken off my report.

Anonymous: do you know any dances/dancers I can watch from temecula dance company?

I defer to Lilli, Bonnie and Ainsleigh to answer this question haha

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Emma Mather performing her solo Work choreographed by Meaghan McGrath.

I’m here to make stars, not friends — the british version of Abby Lee Miller on the new Lifetime UK show “Dance Mums”
Anonymous: if you were opening a dance studio, what would it be called? what would your girls/boys focus on in terms of strengths and genres? what choreographers would you call to work for you, what competitions would you plan to attend, and what kind of classes would you encourage them to take heavily? (ie, lots of ballet and aerial work, tap classes, lots of technique classes)

Omg I’d love to open a dance studio, I would be so hard on my students though I think they’d hate me haha. To answer your questions though:

  • I don’t know if I have a name. I’d have to check that there aren’t others with the same name etc. but it would definitely be something generic and not linked to my name or anything. Something like Elite Dance Company.
  • I’d definitely emphasise ballet, jazz and lyrical/contemporary over acro or tap. I mean I’d still offer those classes but I think the main focus would be on the core dance styles. I also wouldn’t train my boys to be “just accessories” for the girl dancers, I’d make them phenomenal dancers on their own, and in groups with girls they wouldn’t just be there to make the girls look pretty.
  • If I could have any choreographer, I’d hire Molly Long, Shannon, Blake and Meaghan, Travis Wall, Mia Michaels and Tricia Miranda for Hip Hop. Oh and for ballet/technique I’d definitely get ballet teachers from big companies!
  • As core competitions I’d go to Hall of Fame, Showbiz, Nuvo/Jump, Showstopper, Starpower. The all the other ones would be optional, but I’d encourage the kids to do TDA Nationals besides the big company nationals!
  • I’d encourage them to take a lot of tech, legs&feet, strengthening and conditioning, and ballet classes. Things like jazz/contemporary/lyrical would be more for choreography and learning tricks and not training the dancers, and of course they could do other styles (tap, ballroom, acro, character etc.) if they wanted to!

Thanks for this question, it was so much fun to answer! <3