Anonymous: I love hearing judges commentary during a performance especially when its nice. But one time my dance teacher and my team were listening to this one judge commentary about our dance (for critiques and stuff) and the whole time she was chomping her gum like a cow while critiquing us. It sounded so disgusting that my dance teacher turned off the recording cause she couldn't take it seriously anymore lol

That’s awful (but kinda funny haha). I’ve heard about a looooot of cases of bad or just completely unhelpful judges commentary :S

what everyone was clearly thinking at this point in the video


this picture of minidancers ’ boyfriend is like stuck to my dash no matter which way i scroll omg


Anonymous: post a picture of your boyfriend?


Here you go

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Anonymous: post a picture of your boyfriend?



the first time we’ve ever agreed on anything.

Anonymous: post a picture of your boyfriend?

I love him too much.

Anonymous: Ouija is pronounced like "we-jah". The "oui" is the French word for "yes" and the "ja" is the german word for "yes" so it literally means 'yes-yes'.

Oh wow, I know basic german and quite a bit of french but genuinely never thought that the word “Ouija” would come from combining two words from those languages? Haha. Crazy!

Thanks so much for letting me know, I’ve learned something new thanks to you! <3

Actual transcript of a judges’ commentary video on a dance solo:

- Satan’s little lamb. I like that title, yeah that’s cute yeah I think it is, yeah yeah it is

- Nice

- Don’t drop that heel so soooooon

- Lift up

- Good

- Yees

- Werk it little diva

- Yees

- Don’t get choppy hold those liiiines

- You can do it I know you can

- Go. Go! Yaas


- Go Miss Sassy

- Yeah

- Oh. Ho ho ho!

- Good. Watch that back leg on that jeté jump. Really stretch out behind your knees and your foot

- Yees

- Go

- Yees

- Beautiful, go!

- Good

- Beautiful


- Nice flexibilitayy

- Really watch that front leg on your prep on that pirouette turn and your a la seconde tuuuurns

- Beautiful yeeeeah

- Good job girl, thank you.